Sunday, June 26, 2011


Apologies for the lack of updates. I've had a busy-ish month, bummed around a small chunk of Europe for a while, helped some friends move, spent about a week over various state lines, etcetera. Lots of interesting things going on. Which, as a lethargic shut in, I abhor. I'll pick this back up again soon.

Meanwhile, as further evidence of the amazing imagination engine which is the CO character creator, here's a completely-unrelated-to-Iron-Will screenshot from me and a friend playing about a week ago.

Pretty standard joke set up. A freeze-ray wielding cyborg frog monster and a blind nun with a lightsaber walk into an old west bar full of robot cowboys. Explosions ensue. I love this damn game.


  1. That was a short update. How's the community doing with the new wave of players from the Steam crowd? I wish I could play, but the computer I brought with me for school is too ancient to run the game. Now I only jump on during holidays.

  2. Haven't noticed much of a change yet except for an increase in active instances to choose from, but new accounts can't participate in world chat until they've put in a minimum of time on their main character or something. I've no idea what the minimum of time is, but I didn't really notice a flood of new people until about two weeks after the game went Free To Play, so maybe it will take about that long again.

    But then, I've mostly had world chat on mute since F2P, so it might escape my notice altogether. Growth in the in-game population doesn't really affect gameplay much beyond the chat channel, since they've so far done a good job of increasing the number of instances with the number of overall players, so the number of players-per-instance is about the same, and you don't run into many more people when more people are playing.

    It may seem like an inconvenience, but take it from me, the inability to play computer games is a huge advantage educationally. Try to also never have spare money for beer and watch the honors roll in. :P